Harescramble Rules

SVCC HARE SCRAMBLES Rules  -  New rules or changes are in bold.

The race consists of a 3-5 mile loop of natural terrain on 160 acres of land. The course varies technically from race to race. Some races will have water crossings, some will be tight and tough, and some will be fast and wide sweeping. Only three things will be consistent: (1) there will be few trees to hit: (2) we race in the rain, snow or 100 degree dust storms and (3) races will be cancelled for frozen ground or lightning. The race is two hours plus one lap for 2 hour classes, one hour plus one lap for 1 hour classes, and 30 minutes plus one lap for mini classes. The overall race leader’s position determines when the last lap starts. It is possible not to get the white flag if you are passed by the leader on the white flag lap.

The course is marked with arrows printed on orange, red, green or blue markers. A single marker turned at an angle signifies a turn. The marker is always on the inside of the turn and you must pass around it. If you miss a marker or pass on the wrong side you must go back and do it properly. Failure to do either of these will dock one lap from your total. Most races consist of 9-14 laps.

The start is a dead engine start. Riders will be on their machine with their hands on top of their heads until signaled to start. The classes will start in rows. The first digit in your number is the row in which you start. During the race there will be one check point. You must pass under the RFID reader to be counted.  The race will be scored with RFID stickers placed under each racers visor of their helmet. We are NOT responsible for RFID’s that DO NOT work. The rider must confirm that the RFID was read on the rider display.  If your RFID was not read and your information displayed on the monitor, then you must stop at the window so your lap can be entered manually.  All machines must have numbers on all 3 number plates as well as for back up scoring. There will be a separate gate for 1 hour and 2 hour classes which will be marked on front of check point building. You must go through the correct gate to be scored. A flagger will be holding a green flag to signify racers to ride at normal racing speeds, white flag signifies last lap, checkered signifies end of race. The scoring lane must be entered in a slow manner.  No rider shall pass another rider while in the scoring area, unless a rider has fallen and can be safely maneuvered around.  If you are racing or passing in the scoring lane, you will be docked one lap.

No one is allowed on the track before the race and no riding until the parade lap.

The hare scrambles will be divided into three races. ATV’s(full size and peewee), bikes, and Peewee bikes.

The Peewee bikes will sign up from 8-9 am with riders meeting at 9am and the parade lap at 9:30 with the race to start immediately following parade lap. Racers will have a few minutes to top off fuel tanks. Peewee quads will race at the same time as the full size ATV's but on a separate course.  The ATV’s will have sign up from 8-10am with riders meeting at 9:45am and race starts at 10. Bikes will have sign up from 10-12:30pm with riders meeting at 11:45 and race/parade lap at 12pm.  It is extremely important for riders to help us keep our time schedules.  Please be prompt and ready. It will be appreciated by all.

Sign up is $40 for A classes and $30 for every other class. Each racer must register their number at their first race of season for an additional $10. Numbers will be for sale for $4 per pack. Each rider will get their first RFID at the beginning of the year at no charge. Any additional RFIDS needed after that will cost $10 per RFID. No rider will be allowed to race a trophy and cash class. We CANNOT swap RFIDS in our system. Once you have it, that’s yours for the whole year unless lost. We CANNOT transfer that to another rider.

Riders are responsible for the condition of their motorcycle or ATV, for determining the safety of the course, and to assess their own abilities, and for the condition of their protective apparel, which includes helmets, boots, gloves, etc. A rider must start, finish, and ride the entire race on the same machine. 

Awards will be given for 1st-3rd place in all trophy classes except peewee and mini's where places 1st-5th will be awarded. There is a $500 minimum year end points fund for the top three B riders where all races count. There also will be yearend awards for 1st -3rd place finishers in each class. All races will count towards points and year end class awards. You must race 51% of the races to be eligible for yearend awards. “A” classes will pay back 100% at each race with $2.00 per B rider going for a year end cash payback fund. Biker rider funds will go towards bike “A” class.  ATV class will have a $500 minimum year end points fund for the top 3 riders where all races count.  Points will not carry over if you change classes midseason.

If there is an average of more than 5 riders in the class, the top 2 riders from each class will be required to advance up to the next higher class for the next year, those classes are as followed:

                -1 Hour B advances to 1 Hour A

                -B advances to A


Race Scoring:

1st - 25 pts       2nd - 22 pts      3rd - 20 pts     4th - 18 pts     5th - 16 pts and every place from there on is decreased by one point until 21st -  0 pts

Our main purpose is to have fun and ride safe.


Gates open at 8am


Peewee signup:   8-9am                Race:   9:30am

Parade Lap at 9:15am with race following imediately after, 30 min. 50cc will race a different course than the 65 and aircooled four stroke classes.


Quad signup:    8am-10am     Race/parade lap:   10am  

Parade Lap immediately following the Peewee bikes's checkered flag,ATV race 1 hr, Peewee ATV race 30min.  Peewee quads and full size quads will race at the same time on 2 different courses.


Bike signup:    10am-12pm           Race/parade lap: 12pm

Race start is immediately after the parade Lap, race 2 hr.


Absolutely no riding before the race or non-member riding after the race. Thank you.