The Sioux Valley Cycle Club was organized on Thursday August 7, 1931 in a parking lot at 11th and Spring Avenue in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  In 1945 the Sioux Valley Cycle Club purchased 7.5 acres of land on the east side of Sioux Falls.  A club house was built by the members and they had scramble races, seven-hour marathons, field trials, and picnics and barbecues.  Part of the land on the east side was sold to the State, the club then used the money to purchase land on the west side of Sioux Falls.  Sioux Valley Cycle Club eventually sold both pieces of land.

Sioux Valley Cycle Club went on to purchase 160 acres north of Sioux Falls.  The land is approximately 3 miles from the intersection of I-90 and I-29.  The land has two reservoirs and currently holds a short track with TT, large M-X track, Super Cross Track, Enduro Challenge track, several miles of trails used for hare scrambles, a pond that is used for ice racing, a club house, and an area for overnight camping.  Sioux Valley Cycle Club hosts about 30 competitive events annually.