October 22nd Fall Work Day

This Sunday, the 22nd of October, 11:30 to 3:30 SVCC will be having its fall work day.  We have a long list of stuff that needs to be done before winter sets in.  There will be no riding allowed during this time.  It is the last chance to work off your events if needed for 2017. Send email to svccsf@gmail.com if you plan on attending.

Final Chances to Fulfill Work Requirements

With the year winding down there are limited dates to get your remaining work requirements in if you have a working membership. There is a short track race this weekend and the 3 hour hare scramble next weekend [9/24] and we're having a work day 10/1. If you need to scedule yourself for one of these days call or text Gary at 507-215-1163.

Workers needed for MX races, August 12-13

Looking for workers for the MX race this weekend. If you have not gotten all of your events in, this would be a great opportunity. If you do have your events in, come out and make some cash. We are paying if you have your events worked or if have a nonworking membership or if you are not a member. Call or TXT Gary at 507-215-1163.

Member Votes Needed


THURSDAY JUNE 8, 2017 7:00 P.M.


The SVCC will be voting on a piece of equipment that exceeds the spending cap of $2,000.00 the SVCC board is authorized to spend without additional input from the membership. This vote will precede the regularly scheduled board meeting. Following the vote, everyone in attendance is welcome to stay for the board meeting.

The club is looking to purchase an Allis-Chalmers Model D Road Grader. The cost of the machine is $5,000. The vote will be to spend no more than $5,500 to acquire the grader.

Workers Needed

We have the first race of the SVCC season this weekend, a hare scramble. We are good on workers for this weekend but we will need workers next weekend for the MX and the week after for the 2nd Hare Scramble. Contact Chad at 605-360-7778 or Gary at 507-215-1163.

Hare Scramble Changes

If you are racing hare scrambles, be sure to check out the rules, classes and schedule.  There are changes for the 2017 season.  Some notable changes are, 1 hour A which used to be the 1 hour Advanced is now a 100% payback money class.  The C/beginner class is now a points class that qualifies for year end.  There will only be one ATV class with a guaranteed $500 year end.  Also added an air cooled peewee bike class.  Time schedule for the day has changed, ATV's will run with the peewee ATV's on separate courses so they will not come into contact with each other.  Points will not carry over if you change classes midseason.  Any questions can be directed to Gary Groth at 507-215-1163.