Family Memberships and Spouse Waivers

If you are buying any sort of family membership that includes your spouse, we will need the spouse to sign the waiver before we can issue you a key.  This is because the spouse listed is technically not a member and has no voting privileges but they are over 18, so a separate waiver needs to be signed to protect the club and its members.  There will be no exception to this.

Early Bird Membership Discount

Starting January 1st and going through the 31st of January, we will be offering an early bird discount on the 2 working memberships.  $25 off a single working membership ($250-$25=$225) and $50 off the family working membership ($300-$50=$250).  Memberships can be bought at PowerBrokers or at the clubhouse during the member meeting on the 25th of January.

2018 MX Meeting

We will be having a MX meeting for the upcoming 2018 season on Tuesday, November 28th at 7pm at the clubhouse on SVCC grounds.  If you have any interest in helping or racing at SVCC in 2018 we encourage you to attend.  If you can not attend but would still like to give input, call or txt Chad Koopsma at 605-360-7778 or Gary Groth at 507-215-1163.

2018 Hare Scramble meeting

We are getting a jump on the 2018 Hare Scramble season and are going to have a first of probably many meetings on November 15th at 7pm at the clubhouse on SVCC grounds. It you are interested in the hare scramble series or would like to give input, please plan to attend. We have a new crew planning on running it for 2018 and would like everyone's input. If you can not attend but would like to give input, email John Wagenaar at