Svcc Quad short track banquet

SVCC ATV Shorttrack  and ATV  Ice racing Banquet

Saturday night 12/15/18

At the Garretson Sportsman club.

Doors open at 6:00 pm.

We will be serving a meal (potluck style)

Will be charging $5.00 at the door from 6:00 to 7:45.

Meal will be served at 7:00

Awards to start at 8:00.

Bring your own coolers and enjoy a great night of celebrating you and your friends season!

Oct. 25th


THURSDAY OCTOBER 25, 2018 7:00 P.M.

The Annual Meeting and Election of Officers/Directors will be held at the

SVCC clubhouse on Thursday, October 25, 2018. Nominations for open

positions will be allowed the night of the meeting. Only members of record

can vote. Must be present to vote.


There will be a vote to set aside $9,000 for the purchase of a water truck. No

vehicle has been identified and the Board of Directors need the ability to act

timely in the event a vehicle becomes available. This vote will take place during

the October club meeting immediately following the BOD elections.

Work Day

Have work events to get done? Great news!! One of the Last chances to get your workevent in October 6th! We are having our fall work day from 10am-3pm. We have a lot to get done so even if you don't have a work event you need we would appreciate any extra help! To get signed up call Mikeal at 605-480-3222 or Jeremy at 605-496-3159! Thank you in advance!

Board nominations

Just a reminder. Nominations for the new board will be held the first Thursday in October on the 4th at 7pm. The positions that are open are as follows.

There will be three board positions open. Requirements for those are that you must have attended at least four meetings. And be in good standings with the club.

Also the co- chair 2 Position will be open for that you must have served on the board previously at least one year.

Also the secretary position will be open. The requirements for that are also that you would have served on the board a minimum of a year

Positions opening on the board

We are getting very close to the elections for the board of directors. There is going to be 3 director positions open. For a director position you have to have been to at least four meetings those could be a board meeting or a general membership meeting. Also our co-chair 2 Position will be opening the minimum requirement to fill that seat would be at least one year on the board of directors.

Another position that will be open will be the secretary position. That position also has a minimum requirement of one year on the board.

Free 50's!!!!!

In order to encourage young riders to get involved and promote the future of our sport, SVCC will be offering free entry fees to the 50cc class in the Hare Scrambles for the rest of the season. Come out and enjoy the Hare Scrambles this summer.

Hare Scrambles

SVCC is looking for 1 or more individuals to run the Hare Scramble program. This can be a volunteer position or a paid position. This would include planning the race schedule for the 2019 season and running the race day operations. Training will be provided and can be groomed into the position during the 2018 season. If you are interested, contact Chad Koopsma at 605-360-7778. If you have the love for the sport and the desire to make it better, get involved with SVCC.

5/20/18 Hare Scramble Pictures

Hare Scramble pictures from 5/20/18 are posted on the SVCC Facebook page. Be sure to thank Angie Mulder for taking the pictures and sharing them with our racing families. Click on the link below to view and tag your riders!


Hare Scramble update

No rain yet and only a 20% chance. Moisture is just below the surface and the dirt is looking great for the hare scramble tomorrow. Overcast and 60s will make for stellar conditions. Come out and race or ride the new trail riders class.

May 20th Hare Scramble

This Sunday will be the first Hare Scramble of the 2018 season. We have had a few questions about it since the first race was canceled.


There will still be 1 throw out race. The season will consist of 5 races, 4 of which will count to the final year end awards. You must race at least 3 of the races to qualify for year end awards.


The weather looks to be great for the race on Sunday. A little rain late in the week and drying out for the weekend. Dirt should be PRIMO!!!

4-29 Motocross

Attention! We are still in need of two flaggers for sunday's Motocross please get ahold of Chad at 605-360-7778 for more information

To lineup with the classes with Fiddler creek races at in Homer Ne. Svcc will allow all riders to enter the 17-79 outlaw class. This will include any A class riders that wish to enter.  This will however stay a trophy class for payback.

Motocross prep

Attention everyone! All of this week we will be working on the Motocross tracks! Please make sure that if you go out to ride take a slow sight lap! And know where anybody maybe working with equipment. We want to make sure everybody has a safe enjoyable time at SVCC!

Work day Cancelled

Attention everybody! The the work day scheduled for today April 21st has been canceled due to conditions at the club grounds! Also due to these conditions the road and pit area at the cycle club is extremely muddy and sloppy. We would appreciate it if members could postpone any trips out to the cycle club until the grounds have had a chance to dry up so we don't tear up the roads and the grass that we do have! Sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for your time!