Day Passes

Day passes are only available for purchase from the Board of Directors on club grounds.

Day Pass Info:

The SVCC Day Pass requires a current active SVCC member to be present when purchasing the day pass. (Member is the named individual who signed the SVCC membership form) That member will be required to be the sponsor of the Day Pass and their signature is required on that Day Pass. Active member must also be 18 or above to sign the Day Pass.

The current SVCC member that signed as the Day Pass sponsor will also be providing the Day Pass purchaser with access to the SVCC facility and will remain at facility while non-member is riding.

Any Day Pass purchaser under the age of 18 also requires a parent or guardian present when purchasing the Day pass.

You cannot purchase a SVCC Day Pass without the above requirements. There is no access to the SVCC club facilities without a current member.

The SVCC Day Pass is valid only for the date stated on the pass. There is no limit to the amount of Day Passes one may purchase.

The cost of the SVCC Day Pass is $30.00.