3 Hour Fun Race

September 24th


The pressure of the points races are done and now it is time to experience the funnest race of the season, the 3 hour fun race.  You can partner up or challenge yourself in the "Iron Man" class. 

Gates open at 7am.

Schedule:                                                             Classes:

Peewee (50 Minute Race Small Track)            Peewee Quad

    Parade Lap  8:00                                              Peewee Bike

    Peewee Quad Race 8:20                                  50cc bike

    Peewee Bike & 50cc Bike Race  9:20


Quads (2 Hour Race)                                            ATV Iron Man

    Parade Lap  10:30                                              ATV 2 Man

    Race  11:00


Bikes (3 Hour Race)                                              Bike Advanced 2 Man (100% Payback)

    Parade Lap 1:00pm                                           Bike Intermediate 2 Man

    Race  1:30                                                            Father(Mother)/Son(Daughter)

                                                                                   Senior (Combined age of 100)

                                                                                   Iron Man


$40 Entry Fee per rider for the Advanced Bike Class (100% payback) and $30 Entry fee per rider for all other classes.  All "2 Man" classes can ride your own bike, ie 2 man/2 bike in the past. 

Empire Motosports will be serving hotdogs after the races for the racers and their support crews.