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Single membership

2 work events required

"no family usage"

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Rules and Disclaimers

Any violation of these rules could result in the revocation of my membership.

I realize that motor vehicle activities can be inherently dangerous, and I take responsibility for my actions while on the SVCC property.  I will not hold the SVCC, its officers, or members liable for any type of injury or property damage that may occur while on the club grounds.  The SVCC is a non-profit corporation. Club members do not share in any profits. Monies earned or gained by the club are used for improvements, promotions, and to sponsor club activities for the benefit of members, cyclists, and off road enthusiasts.  SVCC Board has the right to refuse any membership request.

1. Members must be 18 years of age or older. Only the member has voting rights and it is not transferable.

2. All safety rules and signs must be followed.

3. SVCC keys are not to be loaned or given to non-members or to be duplicated in any manner. If I lose a key I will report it immediately to the club treasurer.

4. I will not bring non-members to SVCC to use the grounds for any reason.

5. I will at, all times, lock the gate behind me whether entering or leaving SVCC.

6. I will display my club membership card when asked to on SVCC property.

7. I understand while on SVCC property my actions or the actions of others will result in injury. To help prevent such injuries the wearing of protective clothing is in my best interest, (i.e.) boots, chest protector, eye protection. I also realize wearing an approved helmet is mandatory.

8. Parents are responsible for their minor children on SVCC property.

9. This membership is NOT transferable.

10. Member and qualifying family must adhere to all rules stated in this application, the SVCC constitution and By-Laws.

11. Memberships are based on a calendar year (Jan. 1 - Dec. 31). Work events (if applicable) must be fulfilled by year end and if not, that year will not count towards Charter years.

12.. For a copy of SVCC Constitution and Bylaws, send a request to or contact a SVCC board member.

13. Family usage, if the member is a parent, their spouse and children (17 years old or younger at time of application) that they are legal guardian of, may use the property according to the "Property Use" By-law article in the SVCC Constitution. 


No-Work: $75 penalty per required event not worked will be assessed at year end and the member will be put on the "Violation of Contract list", and that year will not count toward charter years.

No-Show: $100 charge for not showing up after committing to work an event. Member will be put on the "Violation of Contract" list. Membership and race privileges will be suspended until fee is paid.

Violation Impacts 

1. If you have hit "Violation of Contract" list two times or more SVCC membership renewal will require Board of Directors approval.

2. A "Work Events" deposit of $150 needs to be pre-paid with membership purchase in addition to the membership and penalty amounts if you have an outstanding penalty on the "Violation of Contract" list and you are purchasing a single or regular membership.