This is a co-sanctioned race and we will be using the IERA classes for the bike races with the exception of our 1 hour Advanced and 1 Hour Intermediate.  Although we will be using their classes, you will be scored for the SVCC yearly class you have entered based on your overall placement against your rival SVCC competitors.  IERA riders will not be awarded SVCC points.  For classes that match up with your SVCC class, see below.

SVCC Class                       IERA Class

 A Class                                   AA



B Class                                   B


C Class                                   C


Vet 30+                                  Vet A 30+

                                                  Vet B 30+

                                                  Vet C 30+

                                                  Senior A 40+

                                                  Senior B 40+


Super Senior 50+                Super Senior A 50+

                                                  Super Senior B 50+


Masters 60+                         Masters 60+


Mini                                         Mini 9-14

                                                  Women’s Beginner


Peewee Bike                           Mini 7-11


50cc                                         Mini 4-9



Race Day Schedule:

Gates open at 8am. 

Mini 4-9, Mini 7-11 and Peewee Quads signup from 8am-9am. 

Parade Lap at 9am with quads and mini's together. Race to start immediately after parade lap with Peewee quads going first. Mini 4-9 and Mini 7-11 to start immediately after the Peewee quads. Both races will be 30 minutes + 1 lap.

Class lineup by rows:
1st Race - Peewee ATV
2nd Race
1. Mini 7-11
2. Mini 4-9 and Girls

Quad signup: 9-10:30am Riders Meeting: 10:30am Race/Parade Lap: 11am

Parade Lap immediately following the Peewee's checkered flag, race 1 hr + 1 lap

Class Lineup by rows:
1. ATV A - 100% payback
2. ATV B
3. ATV C

Bike signup: 10am-12:30pm Riders Meeting: 12:30pm Race/Parade Lap: 1pm

Parade Lap immediately following the Quad's checkered flag.

Class Lineup by rows:
1. AA - 100% payback
2. A, Vet A
3. Senior A, Super Senior A, Masters
4. B
5. Vet B, Senior B, Super Senior B
6. C
7. Vet C, Women's
8. 1hr Advanced, 1hr Intermediate (Sioux Valley Cycle Club classes)
9. Mini 9-14, Women's Beginner

Super Senior A, Super Senior B, Masters, C, Women's, Mini 9-14 and Women's Beginner are 1 hour classes and will get the checkered flag after 1 hour + 1 lap. All other classes will be 2 hours + 1 lap.