Harescramble Classes

1/2 Hour Classes        Class Numbers
50 CC Bike                            00-49      50cc, 12 years & under

Pee Wee Bike                       50-99      65cc & under 2T, 12 years & under

Pee Wee Bike Aircooled    50-99      150cc or under stock air cooled engine, 12 years & under

Pee Wee Quad                      100-150    Any ATV 125cc or less, 12 years & under
1 Hour ATV     Class Numbers
ATV                          700-799  Any ATV, any rider, $500 year end fund payback

2 Hour Bike    Class Numbers
A Class                    100-199      Any bike, any rider, 100% cash payback

B Class                    200-299      Any bike, any rider

Vet 30+                   300-399       30+ year old, any bike

1 Hour Bike        Class Numbers
Mini                                600-699     150cc & under 4T, 110cc and under 2T, 14 years & under

1 Hour A                        400-499   Any bike, any rider, 100% Payback

1 Hour B                        500-599   Any bike, any rider

1 Hour C/Beginner     900-999   Any bike, any rider

Super Senior 50+         700-799   50+ year old, any bike

Master 60+                   800-899   60+ year old, any bike


Gates open at 8am


Peewee signup:   8-9am                Race:   9:30am

Parade Lap at 9:15am with race following imediately after, 30 min. 50cc will race a different course than the 65 and aircooled four stroke classes.


Quad signup:    8am-10am Race/parade lap:   10am  

Parade Lap immediately following the Peewee bikes's checkered flag,ATV race 1 hr, Peewee ATV race 30min.  Peewee quads and full size quads will race at the same time on 2 different courses.


Bike signup:    10am-12pm           Race/parade lap: 12pm

Race start is immediately after the parade Lap, race 2 hr.